Dec 13

Google Apps name limitation (dots)

Just had a client ask for a new email account with two dots (or periods) in the name, ie: j.k.@rowling.com. Well it turns out that though it doesn’t specifically say so, you can’t have a period or dot immediately preceding the @ symbol.

“This is a limitation of the system. You can name the user a.m@yourdomain.com, but a username cannot end with a dot.

Another Google support guy adds:

“I’ve reproduced the issue on my end and I can confirm that the second dot ‘.’ is causing the issue. After further researching I can also confirm that this is an expected behavior. The Help Center article you’ve provided (https://support.google.com/a/answer/33386?hl=en) is giving examples such as: user.name, or us.er.na.me but without a dot ‘.’ placed in front of the @ symbol.

To summarize:

-a.m@iprc.org will be accepted;
-a.m.@iprc.org won’t be accepted because of the dot in front of the @ symbol.”

So there you go. No luck, b.j.@mash4077.mil (assuming you’re hosted on Google Apps).

Feb 13

Find out what’s taking up space in your Gmail

Turns out you can now search within your Gmail to find messages with large attachments (or by age, or other variables) by using Advanced Search. Useful if your space is filling up and you don’t want to spring for the business edition.

[via the gmailblog]