Corin is a joy to work with, highly committed to doing an exceptional job and bound to have a positive and lasting impact wherever he goes. This letter is written to express my complete and overall satisfaction with the services provided by Corin while working for me. In December 2007 I hired the services of Eigerman Consultants who had assigned Corin to our account. As such, he assisted in equipment set-up, troubleshooting and informing and, in some cases, deciding on necessary or wanted IT related purchases.

During his two years he carried out all the above responsibilities and more. Corin was easily accessible, always spent extra time to fulfill our requests as specifically as possible, kept track of software and domain expirations, researched the best software for our needs and did it all with professionalism and careful consideration.

Tracey Stewart owns Moomah Cafe, a kid-friendly art cafe in Tribeca/NYC. In addition to supporting her staff and AV system in the cafe, I helped her with her multi-story home network, five computers, home server, and numerous family iPhones and other devices.


Corin worked at my husband’s corporate offices for over a year.  It was due to his success in that venue that he was then dispatched to our home in New York City. Within this 6-story house, he migrated several of our computers from 1990s technology to contemporary machines, upgraded the networking and wireless, and provided many hours of personal assistance and tutoring on issues large and small.

In addition to all of this work and upon its completion, he was always willing to come to the house to assist me, a computer neophyte. If a trip was not necessary, he was able to walk me through my needs either by telephone or via email.

What a help he was to me personally and to my husband’s corporate and residential needs!  I do miss his presence here in New York and continue to rely on his emailed advice!

Susan F. Morris, Chairman, The Santa Fe Opera.


I have worked with Corin both at Eigerman Consulting and at Hearst Magazines. He is consistently passionate and sincere about his work. He is very good at finding creative solutions to problems and dogged about implementing them. He is a positive team member and a strong supporter in a positive environment.

Edward Eigerman, Principal, Eigerman Consulting, Inc.


Corin See visited my computer, which was making “Oh, I’m dying” sounds, and, although the illness did cause the loss of about 3 months’ worth of files, Corin saved every essential thing.  He read the computer’s argot, which was incomprehensible to me, he diagnosed the problem, he installed a new hard drive, introduced me to functions I didn’t know existed, has kept track of the numbers that I don’t seem to be able to keep track of, and has caused my computer to work as well as I want it to.  I sing his praises.

Virginia Euwer Wolff, author