Google Apps name limitation (dots)

Just had a client ask for a new email account with two dots (or periods) in the name, ie: Well it turns out that though it doesn’t specifically say so, you can’t have a period or dot immediately preceding the @ symbol.

“This is a limitation of the system. You can name the user, but a username cannot end with a dot.

Another Google support guy adds:

“I’ve reproduced the issue on my end and I can confirm that the second dot ‘.’ is causing the issue. After further researching I can also confirm that this is an expected behavior. The Help Center article you’ve provided ( is giving examples such as:, or but without a dot ‘.’ placed in front of the @ symbol.

To summarize: will be accepted; won’t be accepted because of the dot in front of the @ symbol.”

So there you go. No luck, (assuming you’re hosted on Google Apps).

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